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Subterra is a 34 acre estate surrounded by pastoral Kansas hills located 25 miles west of Topeka. The site holds a powerful and ominous past now transformed to an uplifting vision of our potential future. Once, an Atlas E intercontinental ballistic missile with a 4 megaton warhead was housed in the protective underground cavern. Now the missile is gone and the launch control structure is converted into spacious living space with an eclectic spirit of peace.

The historic site has been featured on many domestic and foreign television shows, and many groups have booked tours of the property. Subterra is a cold war relic that punctuates the reality of humanity’s challenges since splitting the atom and the necessity of changing attitudes to manage this new level of our power.

Subterra is now the home of Edward and Dianna Peden who reclaimed the property from ruin and have lived underground since 1994. The quiet, peaceful environment offers many features that many find uplifting, and fun. Tours and special events are scheduled to promote a variety of educational and transformational opportunities.


We of Subterra hold a vision of a healthy, healing, community environment,  nurturing Body, Mind, and Spirit.  Relying on Spirit, we invite eclectic and esoteric learning experiences that create sustainable lifestyle models and project a transformational vision of peace to the world.

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